Cansat Trident 2022

Cansat Trident 🚀

Above is the current plan for our CanSat, the final product will look a bit different.


Trident is a Cansat compeating in the 2022 Norwegian CanSat Competition

Cansat Trident aims to plan, develop and demonstrate guided landing using a tri-rotor-drone. We will use internal instruments that measure position, rotation, and acceleration in 3 dimensions during the flight to assist with the guided landing. In addition, we will take atmospheric measurements such as temperature, pressure, and atmospheric composition during the flight.

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Gabriel: +47 46910340 - Team Leader
Lukas: +47 90532258 - Accounting and Designer

Controlled decsent

Our goal to demonstrate guided decsent and landing is ambitious. We may not succeed, but ambition leads to innovation, and if we succeed we will have achieved something great.

Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough. - Elon Musk

Atmospheric measurments

We aim to gain deeper knowledge of our planet by taking measurments of the atmosphere during decent.

Having fun

Our team are passionate about space. We recide at Andøya, the location of Norway's only operational spaceport. All of our members either attends or plans to attend Space Technology at Andøy Upper Secondary School.

Our goal is not only to compete but to learn and have fun!

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Our pre-launch report for the Norwegian competition is available here:

Our pre-launch report for the internal competition is available here: